Little bora of Bulusan, Sorsogon

Little Boracay is the name of a modest restaurant in Bulusan beside the sprawling Dancalan Beach. Its name comes from the famous Philippine beach, Boracay. The menu borders on the practical stomach fillers like pansit, lomi and sandwiches. The look is unpretentious — more like a cross between a canteen and a bar that happens to be near the beach. It looks like a bar because of the presence of the bulky karaoke system and the cases of beer on plain view on the bamboo flooring.

But wait! There’s more! Discover the back of this beach bar. The view is simply awesome with the coast of Dancalan curving like a crescent lagoon. The only drawback is the karaoke singing that will spoil your beach reverie. If this happens, walk slowly to the area going to the Baluarte side of Dancalan Beach where the menu is always ‘peace and quiet’ by the sea. This of course is another story.

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